I love all things about Christmas. From the decorations to the movies that come on as soon as the Thanksgiving is over. I love it. Now, the sad thing is that Christmas is best spent with family and children. I live alone and I don't have any kids. So I go full force when celebrating Christmas with my cat and dog.

They both have their own stockings and wrapped presents under the tree. I know, I may sound silly. However, it makes me happy and I don't care what people think.

So here is all the best things to get your dog for Christmas:

  • Elevated food and water bowl
  • Dog hoodie/ jacket
  • LED dog leash (check it out here)
  • Dog raincoat and umbrella
  • Rope toys
  • Brand new dog bed
  • Perfume made for dogs (check it out here)
  • Pet camera for their collar (check it out here)
  • Brand new collar
  • Customized Treat Jar
  • Maybe a new best friend (dog or cat or super fluffly dog toy)

Here are my boys playing with their presents from last year's Christmas.




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