Today, it happened. Three of my favorite artists are going on tour together. Little Big Town's "The Breaker" tour will make two stops in Texas with Texans Kacey Musgraves and Midland in tow. I met Kacey in 2009 when she was opening for Heidi Newfield and Joe Nichols. I remember telling her "I'll be seeing you on a big stage some day!" Shortly after her album "Same Trailer Different Park" came out she started to sell out venues. A couple of Grammy's and CMA's later it's safe to say Kacey Musgraves, the East Texan that could, is doing well!

Krystal Montez

The first time I heard Midland I fell in love. Midland reminds me of Waylon Jennings, I remember someone telling me "they're horrible. They won't make it." Well would you look at that Midland making it and all. Little Big Town caused such an uproar with "Girl Crush". The modern day "Jolene" soared through the charts and I had it on repeat for a month straight.

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Little Big Town, Kacey Musgraves, and Midland are all so talented, the thought of all of them being on tour together makes my heart skip a beat. If you want to see them on tour together you'll have to drive to Grand Prairie TX, or Austin TX, but the drive will be worth it! Get your tickets here! What three artists/bands would make the perfect concert ticket for you?