With just about everyone around enjoying Crawfish this weekend and thousands flocking to Downtown Shreveport for Mudbug Madness it's safe to say they're a popular treat. But have you ever heard of the Vietnamese Style for Crawfish?

I first learned of this new way of making Crawfish from Netflix cooking shows and it looks delicious, but what makes it different? Basically you start it the same as the crawfish we're all used to with the normal boil but then a sauce is added. I've seen two sauces Butter Citrus and Butter Garlic being the most popular.

Now obviously some people will be upset claiming the traditional is always the best way but I say why not try something new. One doesn't have to be better than the other but now I'm on a mission to find Viet-Cajun Style Crawfish. So far the only ones I've seen online are in New Orleans and Houston.

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