Have you ever gifted something that you thought the recipient would love and the gift was far from a delight to the recipient? I can imagine I have been the worst gift giver at times. I wish I had the skills that some of my dear friends have. They are so thoughtful and considerate. I always see what they pick out and want to bang my head against the wall because I wasn't genius enough to think of it. How can people be so sweet and thoughtful all the time? It takes skill without a doubt.

I have had my share of odd gifts. I wouldn't say they were completely horrid. Once I was gifted someones rejected gifts, they didn't bother to remove the tag that had their name on it. I laughed it off because the candles they hated are my favorite kind and it wasn't as bad as what I witnessed one year. There was a couple let's call them George and Tina for the sake of the story, and his pride. Tina went and spent over $1,000 on her boyfriend. Clothes, shoes, fishing, hunting gear, she went all out for this guy. All of us girls knew she was hoping for a diamond ring and that big question. He got her a small box, in the box, fluffy socks, and a gym membership. I am just grateful I heard the third party story and wasn't there when the gifts were exchanged in between the couple. Can you imagine? I bet you could have cut the tension with a knife. I can imagine Tina didn't enjoy the holiday too much, even after her boyfriend took her shopping the next day.

I've heard of people being gifted their least favorite football teams jersey or hilarious gag gifts. Let us hear your worst gift story! (If you're sharing someone else's story let's stick to fake names so no one gets mad for being put on blast!)

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