Not everyone is looking for gift ideas on this day of love.

Anytime I think of Valentine's Day, I think about the Valentine's Days of my past. I remember walking the halls of my elementary school and seeing all of the classrooms decorated with streamers and hearts. Those were much simpler days when all you needed was the perfect box of paper Valentine's for your class.

Now, it's gotten so complicated.

Adults have to worry about gifts and dinners and not being alone in the first place. It's a lot of pressure that I mostly blame on social media. I mean, what good is Valentine's Day if you can't rub your love in the faces of your followers? No wonder we turn to the Internet to help us find that perfect piece of Valentine's Day. And it's all perfectly documented on Google Trends with a list of the top searches.

So what is Louisiana searching for this year?

1. Gifts - preferably money
2. Ideas - to show your kind of love
3. Boyfriend - you gotta "bae up" before Valentine's Day
4. Hearts - how else can you send that electronic valentine
5. Crafts - for the DIY-ers

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