I need to confess some guilt surrounding this case. I feel guilty for assuming foul play. Have we been programmed to expect the worst from the recent events surrounding the disappearance and death of Caylee Anthony? The story of this missing 10 month old Missouri infant is just bizarre.

The mother lays the infant down at night, and when the father comes home from work the next morning the infant is nowhere to be found. The mother fails a lie detector test. The family reportedly stops cooperating with police, then they begin cooperating again. There are so many holes. Of course, maybe we are not hearing everything for sake of investigation.

The latest update from ABC news is that local authorities followed a tip and searched a Kansas City area well with no results.

The only thing I know for certain is: This is tragic.

Are they going to find this little girl in a ditch or a field? Are the parents hiding something? Was this little girl abducted by a stranger? There are so many horrible questions that run through my mind as we watch the investigation continue.


I pray for this innocent child, Lisa Irwin, and all of those who love her.