The New iPhone X has been announced and is set to be shipped early November but the price tag has many people in shock. The basic model for the new iPhone looks to be right at $1,000 with others costing more. But with thousands already saying they're for sure buying this new upgrade I wondered what else you could do with this much money.

Over 200+ Mickey's Hot Dogs!

The fat boy in me first thinks of food and with $1,000 you could buy 200 hot dogs from the locally famous hotdog man in downtown Shreveport!

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air which of course is one of Apple's laptops start at the same price as the new IPhone with other upgrades around the same price neighborhood.

Front Row Tickets for LSU

While games might be sold out we checked front row 50 yard line for the next LSU Home Game which is against Syracuse and for $1,000 you can bring your whole family.

Trip for 2 to Paris 

Flight and Hotel you can visit Paris France for the same price as the new phone!

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