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If there's one thing that everybody knows about Nigeria - it's the "Nigerian Prince" e-mail scam.  You know, an unsolicited e-mail hits your inbox with the sob story about how this extremely rich member of Nigerian Royalty can't access his millions of dollars and if you could only help him - he'd love to share with you!  That particular form of phishing attack (or straight up con-job) is one of the most well-known scams of all time.

Maybe you didn't know that Nigeria is actually a pretty wealthy country.  In fact, it's the richest country on the entire African continent!  It's loaded down with mineral riches, oil, and more valuable resources than you can shake a stick at!  Since a cursory search on Google can tell you that - it's no wonder that scammers picked this country for the prince-grift I mentioned earlier.

That being said, an absolutely real member of the Nigerian royal family is in Louisiana right now - and not just any member, we got the king!  CBS 42 is reporting that his Royal Highness Ehizogie Eluojierior, Onogie of Igueben, Edo State, Nigeria was making the rounds in Lafayette yesterday in order to promote cultural awareness, tourism, and most importantly - visit his loyal subjects that live in Louisiana.  As it turns out, pockets of Nigerian immigrants who still hold the entirety of the Nigerian royal family in very high regard are scattered all across the country.

During the king's escapades in the Sportsman's paradise, he visited with the founder of the wildly-popular Lafayette Reggae Festival - who just happens to be Triple Chief Chris Omigie, Osobase of Igueben.  Although Chief Omigie has lived in Louisiana for more than 3 decades, he still retains the title and responsibilities as a Chief of his people.

While I think it's cool that King Eluojierior came to our state, I think he'd have a much better time coming to Shreveport for his next trip and got to experience one of our amazing festivals - like Mudbug Madness.  In fact, I'll send him an email about it right now.  I think I still have his son's address around here somewhere.

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