Move over Taylor Swift... T.S. 2.0 is here and adorable!

I think I just found my new favorite television show, and I don't think it's available in the U.S. It's called "Your Face Sounds Familiar" and it's an interactive reality television show out of the Philippines that brings celebrities on stage to impersonate famous singers. The show is full of eye-popping moments, costume changes, stunts as they play it all up to look like the real thing. In addition to the adult version, they also do a kid version and who could resist a cute kid jumping on stage dressed up as our favorite adult singers?

Like Taylor Swift.

A sweet seven-year-old girl named Xia Vigor recently was on the show doing her best version of Taylor Swift. She came out in her marching band uniform and sang "You Belong with Me." She is so incredibly animated as she dances around with her cheerleader-clad backup dancers. Just before the bridge, she has her dancers rip off her marching band duds to reveal a sleek dress and boots like Taylor Swift would wear. Xia then takes the mic and interacts with the judges and audience.

She is the cutest stinking thing on the planet!

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