For those who haven't been keeping up with Taylor in a while, the 2016 FBS leading receiver was drafted in the 5th round by the San Francisco 49ers. Usually teams and fans alike don't expect much from later round picks, but Trent has quickly taken over the bay area.

With his unquestionable ability to make plays, whether it be in high school at Evangel, or college at Louisiana Tech, no one here in the state should be surprised. If you've followed the 49ers at all this summer, you'd known Taylor has easily been the most talked about rookie on the roster.

Everyday during training camp, he was made sensational catches and made very little mistakes. His teammates respect him, his coaching staff praises him, and the fan base is rapidly falling in love with him.

Tonight, he puts on that historic red and gold uniform for the very first time going against the Kansas City Chiefs. Kickoff is set for 8:00 PM CT on the NFL Network.

Check out the tweets and videos below to get caught up on all that Taylor has done since being drafted.









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