This burgundy colored SUV was spotted in my drive way yesterday afternoon with an aluminum trailer behind it.  When someone approached the vehicle to see if there might be something wrong, the driver immediately tore out of the area and hasn't been seen since.

My family contacted the Bossier Sheriff's Office about the incident and they sent a deputy to the house.  After a few questions, he showed this picture to my father in law and asked if this looked like the vehicle that had been seen.  Sure enough, it was one in the same.

He then told my father in law that this vehicle is thought to be involved in a number of North Bossier robberies.  In fact, when my wife posted the picture on Facebook, she had several people state that "this is the same vehicle that is suspected in the robbery near my home."  From what we've gathered, this has been going on at least a couple of months.

We were lucky.  With most of our family living in very close proximity, we constantly monitor each other's homes, but some have obviously not been so lucky.  Please keep your eyes peeled for this vehicle and if you spot it and are able to get a license plate number, contact the Bossier Sheriff's Office immediately.

And though some might think it's nosy, stay alert to what's going on around your neighbor's place.  They won't think you're so nosy if you stop someone from stealing everything they own.

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