All the Mardi Gras partying will come to a screeching halt at midnight tomorrow night on Fat Tuesday, but until then, several more parades will take place in the New Orleans area.

And maybe you'd like to be there on Bourbon Street to watch all the festivities, but there's no way to get there.  Well, you can still see all the action!  Thanks to modern technology and several live streaming web cams strategically placed along the parade routes, you don't have to miss any of the fun!

There are a couple of parades slated for this evening and another four parades scheduled for uptown New Orleans tomorrow, there's still a lot of beads left to throw, and you can witness all that is Mardi Gras in Crescent City.


To pick out one or several of the street cameras live streaming all of the activities, just go to and pick your poison.  Some of these are constantly streaming and some are updated every couple of minutes, so you've always got some pretty good coverage.

And don't forget that tomorrow, Feb. 13, we've got several other great ideas here locally to help you celebrate Fat Tuesday with King Cake Tasting, the Walking Parade and the Krewe de Les Femmes Mystique Children's Mardi Gras Parade.  Get all the info for those events at


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