We are eager and ready to welcome Jimmie Allen to the Centurylink Center. Kane Brown has enlisted the help of Granger Smith and Jimmie Allen for his upcoming show in Bossier. Like many of us, Jimmie Allen became obsessed with "A Star is Born". Jimmie Allen said "I fell in love with a movie, then I fell in love with a song from that movie. Now, I get to share my vision of how that song and movie creativity inspired me!" Jimmie Allen had Abby Anderson join him on this cover. Listen to Jimmie Allen give "Shallow" his "Best Shot"(Yes, pun intended!) below.

WOW! Who is Abby Anderson? Why are we feeling the Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper chemistry? While NO ONE could ever come close to those Lady Gaga notes, can we just discuss the harmonies? Give us a moment to be able to put what we feel into words...

Okay, my bad still no words. Watching for the 382nd time be right back!

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