Just When You Thought You've Seen It All TikTok Is There to Remind You You're Wrong.

There I was minding my own business scrolling through TikTok when I was convinced there was some kind of sick joke involving an O'Reilly Auto Parts jingle. We have all found ourselves singing along to the jingle right? It's so catchy how can you not.

One Bride Decided She Was Going to Bring the Original Cast of the O'Reilly Auto Parts Commercials to Perform Live at Her Wedding.

We are still trying to find out how she even got in contact with the whole crew to come to perform a live commercial at her wedding. One TikTok user asked what I was wondering, is this the O'Reilly heiress? How does one pull this off? Because I want in on this at my wedding.

The TikTok Comments Are Straight Hilarity.

One of the singers was a tad pitchy so of course, everyone had to laugh and point it out. If you haven't watched the video yet, watch it below.

@michaelunderlin Original voice cast of the @O'Reilly Auto Parts jingle reunite at a wedding. You can’t make this stuff up. 😂 #oreillyautoparts #oreilly #jingle #ozarkmountaindaredevils ♬ original sound - michaelunderlin

I handpicked some of my favorite comments.

TikTok user Capviper: "At a wedding???? Whose wedding? The O’Reilly heiress?"

TikTok user Seasonofthewittch: “babe i got us tickets to go see the o reilly theme”

TikTok user mikaylaalexis96: "Homie plugging his ear like he’s serving Mariah Carey."

TikTok user Riel_fast: "He was in the wrong key on that ori 'leeee'"

TikTok user Jayrael: "Lmao dude was pitchy as hell and the lady wasn’t feeling it"

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