This just might be the dream job and they're now hiring. Reynolds Wrap is looking for someone to travel the country eating BBQ and they'll pay them $5,000 a week to do it. The job isn't full time it's only for a 2 week slot but that's $10,000 to basically go on vacation!

The job does require a little work, if you want to call it that. You'll be expected to update their website and social media accounts with grilling tips and pictures that you know and you encounter along your journey. It's not stated but I'd imagine part of the whole thing is for you to show how Reynolds Wrap is great for grilling!

Applications are due by August 13th and honestly it sounds like the easiest thing ever! To apply you need to send a short 100 word reason why you'd be perfect for the job along with a photo of your favorite grilling recipe to

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