In a story from WXYZ TV in Detroit, we learned that a video of a food services worker at Comerica Park (Home of the Detroit Tigers Baseball team) seen spitting in a pizza being prepared for a customer, has gone viral.

The incident apparently happened this past Friday as the Detroit Tigers played the Kansas City Royals and the 20 year old worker was arrested for his actions on Sunday.

The worker who recorded the video, Quinelle May, according to Sports Illustrated, says this wasn't an isolated incident and that the worker told him he had done this in the past.

Along with the perpetrator, May, the videographer, was also terminated.  May says, "he was just trying to warn others" and that "he had tried to report it to his manager, but they didn't want to listen" so he posted the video.  And according to May, he was terminated for posting the video.

According to officials from Comerica Park, May "was not terminated, but suspended...and that no one in an official capacity had asked him to take the video down."

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