Lawmakers kick off a veto override legislative session in Louisiana tomorrow. A veto session has never happened in the state before now. Governor John Bel Edwards vetoed 28 bills and lawmakers will consider each one of those bills again.

But Governor Edwards stands by his vetoes, calling the bills unwise for Louisiana.

All of those vetoes were in the state's interest and I stand by those and we'll see what happens.

Two of the bills getting much of the attention are the concealed carry measure and a bill that would ban transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports. Folks say this bill would protect women's sports.

House Republican Caucus Chairman Blake Miguez says this veto session is a clear sign that it is time to balance the power of government in Louisiana.

The people back home are getting the best government possible and I think that's what you're seeing. And I think that's a trend that's changing in Louisiana.

Miguez says lawmakers are pushing back as Edwards moves more to the left.

He's getting to the end of his tenure and he's shown to be a little more socially liberal than he originally ran in his campaign. And republicans passed a number of priorities which he disagreed with.

The Governor was asked if this veto session will inhibit him from putting policies in place in the future, he said "no".

You'll see that the overwhelming majority of the work is being done in full cooperation between me and the House and Senate and the leadership. So, I don't have that concern.

The veto session is just four days and it will take a two-thirds majority in each chamber to override a veto.

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