Growing up in North Carolina, I always thought it was the weirdest thing ever that our neighbors in South Carolina used mustard on their BBQ. Now there's a new trend that almost makes South Carolina look normal involving pizza. No matter what pizza you claim is the best, whether it's from New York to Chicago, the one constant has always been tomato sauce... Until now!

People are using mustard as their sauce and it has everyone losing their minds! Lions & Tigers & Squares Detroit Pizza was the first to release this new style of pizza and as you can imagine, it's very different than the norm. I love mustard and I'm not one to not try a new food, but somethings should just be left alone! With it becoming so popular, I might be wrong, it might actually be really good, but I doubt it.

Would you try this new mustard sauce pizza trend? Is it truly as crazy as it sounds?

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