Seniors and Juniors in High school are preparing for some major milestones in their lives. College is on the horizon, and I can tell you from first hand experience looking into scholarships are something you should already be doing and maybe already done.

I was late to the game when searching for scholarships. I missed out on a red head scholarship by a month! I still haven't forgotten about that. I probably never will, but there are some really interesting scholarships that you should consider.

According to news sources, Ashland Univsersity in Ohio is offering a scholarship for folks who play Fortnite. This will be for their eSports program and will offer $4,000. That is so cool!

There are a lot of unique scholarships out there that are just sitting on the internet waiting to be applied for. According to College Xpress, you could get a scholarship for creating a greeting card, googling stuff, or for having a pretty legit zombie apocalypse plan. Some of these scholarships are offering more than $20,000.

I remember my teacher from high school telling me that when no one applies for a certain scholarship the money just sits there. That scholarship money could be yours. Get out there and start applying!

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