Every time Luke Bryan steps onto a stage, fans can expect an unforgettable moment. It could be his hot dance moves, it could be him bringing some adorable little girl up to sing, or it could be him taking a three-foot step on a two-foot catwalk. The man is someone you can't take your eyes off of!

Here are 10 reasons why.

Starting with his relationship with Ellen DeGeneres and continuing through his catalog of hits and Entertainer of the Year wins, this unforgettable video spotlights 10 ways we love the Georgia native. He's honest on stage and off, never hiding his mistakes and always making sure he thanks the right people.

There are two CMA moments on this list, one from the ACM Awards and several from live shows. Yep, his stage falls check in at No. 3. Seriously, how couldn't they? As long as he's not getting hurt, we're cool with videos of him having so much fun that he forgets where the floor ends and the crowd begins.

See Some Sexy Luke Bryan Pics ... Oh, Go Ahead!

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