We are big fans of trying our luck with the Louisiana Lottery at my house. Every week my family members excitedly check our numbers, even though we've never quite won the big bucks. (Although I personally know someone that won $150,000, which was pretty awesome) And we were very happy to hear that another drawing for Powerball will be added each week in the very near future. One can always hope, which keeps bringing people back to games of chance, I guess.

And earlier this week, a Louisiana family must have felt like they won the jackpot of all jackpots when they checked their bank account and it was a cool $50 billion dollars richer. That's billion with a B. Wowser. And after they got over the iniatal shock of being super flush with cash, they realized they needed to do the right thing, and give it back.

According to a report from WVUE in New Orleans, via CNN, real estate agent Darren James was shocked to see his account flush with the $50 billion earlier this week. A quick Google search shows that Darren James has real estate offices in Baton Rouge and Denham Springs. To his credit, Mr James did the right thing and contacted the local branch of Chase Bank to report the error. He told CNN it didn't matter "if it was $1 billion or just $50. The money wasn’t theirs and there was never a question of giving it back." But it took four days to correct the mistake, which must have been tempting to look at all those zeros, and not be able to do anything about it. But bravo to you for being honest, Mr James



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