What could have been a tragedy in a Houston, Texas restaurant was quickly averted when a man waving a gun was quickly taken down by two men patrons, who just happened to be trained mixed martial arts fighters.

Houston police responded to a 911 call from RA Sushi restaurant and arrived to find the man already subdued and no longer a threat.

Pro Fighters Spring Into Action

According to a Fox News story, the suspect had fired one shot into the air near the bar area of the restaurant, but two diners were able to get the gun away from the man.

The two, Kevin Holland and Patrick Robinson, were at RA Sushi when they heard gunfire. Holland is a professional UFC fighter and Robertson is his training partner. Both are experts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other fighting disciplines.

According to Fox, Robinson told Houston police, "Me and my buddy, we ran to the shooter, got him down, strangled him, took the gun from him and then called the police. Police came and got him. We fight for a living, so it was just quick instincts."

And in an interview with WFAA TV Holland added, "We heard a big bang. We thought somebody popped some champagne...but I looked over and saw a couple of workers running. Things were getting a little out of hand, we got in there. We were able to get the gun free, put on a rear naked choke, get him out of there. We got him down, apprehended him,"

Houston police say 24-year-old Jesus Edrai Cardiel Samaniego is facing a felony deadly conduct charge and a misdemeanor unlawful carrying weapons charge.

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