Despite being known for its seafood, hunting and fishing and southern hospitality, Louisiana's top autocompletes for the Google search phrase 'Why Is Louisiana So' yielded very different results.

An image featuring the top results that Google delivered to users who asked that particular question circulated through social media this weekend. The map of the US, originating from Amazing Maps, included the top term delivered by the search engine written on each state.

While 'Why is Louisiana so racist' is the top autocomplete phrase on Google, others include 'corrupt,' 'poor,' 'haunted' and 'violent.' Tennessee was the only other state to have 'racist' as its top result.

As for why Louisiana is so haunted, we'll take a stab in the dark and say maybe it's because it's corrupt, poor and violent. Joking aside, Louisiana wasn't the only state to see negative results. Most of the US got a bad rap to varying degrees.

Texas' top phrase was 'big,' while Mississippi and Arkansas shared 'poor' as a top search result. Alabama was a standout with the term 'good' -- one of the only southern states to boast something positive.

Louisiana and Arkansas Among 'Worst' States in America