You know, I appreciate that we just had the holidays, but ever since I got out of school, the holidays have been more work than holiday. lol So, I feel that I am in serious need of a vacation. So here are the top 5 times you realize it is time for a vacation:

1. When someone tells you what day it is, you ask again immediately after they answer, and STILL get write it down wrong.

2. You schedule appointments during times you aren't available... multiple times.

3. You forget to eat.

4. You get greatly confused because you apparently locked your car door without realizing it.

5. You literally have a conversation with a coworker saying, "Hey I wanted to tell you something. Do you um... well... hmmm. I forgot. (pause) No, really, I need to tell you something...uhh (3 minutes of mumbling later)... Oh yeah, do you have an email address?" (you email them daily).

Yeah, so I don't know that I can wait until April. But man, I don't think I can burn some vacation days in January! lol

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