Forget planning, you can still take a trip to these easy-to-drive-to places.

It's Memorial Day Weekend and we know what you're thinking... crap, I didn't plan a trip anywhere. Well, forget planning, just hop in the car. We've come up with several places you can get to easily on a tank of gas and have a fun weekend.

1. Pioneer, Louisiana

There's a beautiful place in Monroe called Poverty Point State Park. There's ton to do! Partake in some watersport activities, go swimming, hiking, fishing, or even camp over the weekend.

2. Natchitoches, Louisiana

Besides the adorable downtown of Natchitoches, you can take a tour of the gorgeous plantation homes. There are several organizations that will take you on tour and tell you the stories of each piece of property.

3. Broken Bow, Oklahoma

My cousin just spent a few days in Broken Bow for her anniversary and she continues to rave on and on about it. Stay in a cute, peaceful cabin away from the noise of the city. Rent a boat and go out on the water. Go into town and do some shopping. It's quaint and easy to get to. They even took their dog with them... She approved of the trip too.

4. Hot Springs, Arkansas

I have been begging my husband for a trip here ever since we moved to Shreveport. Think of it as the ultimate relaxation weekend. Stay in a cabin or stay in a hotel, check out the many spa amenities, and unwind.

5. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

There is plenty to do in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Dining, shows, water activities on the lake, disc golf courses, nightlife, and more. Check out a tourism bureau to see what Memorial Day events are happening downtown. There are always shows happening at the Stockyards in Fort Worth or House of Blues in Dallas.

And don't forget to take us along for the ride with the Radio Pup app on your smartphone. It's free to download.

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