Louisiana's legendary Tony Chachere’s Famous Creole Cuisine is celebrating their 50th anniversary with a number of new mixes, including a very un-Louisiana sounding recipe: Chili.

Is 'Cajun Chili' a Thing?

Yep, surprising as it may be to some, to celebrate a half-century in business, the famed Louisiana culinarian is introducing a pair of new Cajun chili mixes, described by the company as "one of the Chachere family's great-grandfather’s favorite chili recipes."

Tony's plans to market two versions (original and mild) of what they call, “Tony’s He-Man Chili," described as bold, hearty, and filling.

Chachere's says the mixes are affordable at just under two dollars and are currently "rolling out to grocery stores" across the south.


Tony Chachere's Amazing History

Company founder Chachere was born in Opelousas in 1905 and worked through the Great Depression as a drug salesman, then for a large insurance company. It during that time that he began tinkering with a number of non-food recipes, two of which (for a cough syrup and an insect repellent) made him a millionaire by the time he was 50.

In 1972 Chachere, a lifelong amateur chef, published his first cookbook, Cajun Country Cookbook, which included the recipe that became his Original Creole Seasoning. he retired from the company's day-to-day operations at the age of 81, but continued to create new recipes and products until his death in 1995.

Want Tony's Chili Recipe? Here It Is

The company that bears his name totals close to $100 million a year in revenue. To see the recipe for Tony's Chachere's new chili mix, JUST CLICK HERE.

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