In case you forgot, Valentine's Day is only 10 days away. claims that if you want to score a reservation, you need to make that phone call today. If you don't make the call, just know that you need to be okay with getting the worst times and probably the worst table.

I remember the weekend before and after Valentine's Day was always packed when I was a server. Normally Valentine's day lands on a weekday, and sure enough, the restaurant I worked at was packed. It's no secret that there are way more dinner reservations at restaurants on Valentine's Day. Since Valentine's day lands on a Friday, it's going to be insanely busy. So, in short, you won't score a reservation the day before Valentine's Day. Sorry, procrastinators. recommends to procrastinators that you find another couple for a double date. Over 80% of Valentine's Day reservations are made for couples. You might have a better shot at scoring a reservation when you ask for a four-person table.

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