Throwback Thursday has become a pretty popular thing on social media.  I thought I'd start a series of throwback videos over the coming weeks, highlighting some of my more embarrassing moments.  Today, I'd like to show you a bus safety video I produced back in 2000.  

Jamie Burns, a best friend of mine, and I made this video for the school bus drivers of Bossier Parish to use. Jamie is the son of State Representative Henry Burns, and we grew up together.

The bus driver in the video is Dodie Horton, who is now Rep. Burns executive assistant. At the time we produced this video, she was a school bus driver for Bossier Parish.  She was asked to produce a video going over bus safety.  Well, she asked Jamie and I if we'd be interested in producing a video for her that would be more entertaining than just a video of her reading bus safety rules into a camera.

So, this video is what we came up with.  We produced it with the help of the Telecommunications Department at BPCC.

Apparently, drivers and students really enjoyed the video.  And it even made it all the way down to Baton Rouge to be shown at the state school bus drivers meeting.

I cringe a little at some of the video, but I laugh a lot too.  We made this video just four months before I started my radio career.

Jamie was a working actor in Dallas and Los Angeles at the time.  I believe you can still see him starring as the "Muffin Man" in the music video they show at Chuck E. Cheese. He has since retired from acting and works for the state as a Conservation Enforcement Specialist for the Department of Natural Resources.

One thing is for sure, after watching this video... you'll know how to be safe on and around a school bus!

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