Everyone on the planet is talking about Will Smith's portrayal of Aladdin's Genie. What if he granted wishes for Shreveport?

If there's two things I can unequivocally profess my love for with no hesitation, besides my kids of course, would be the city of Shreveport and Will Smith's Genie. For over a year now, we've all been waiting patiently to see what Will Smith looks like in the iconic role, and to say the first glimpse is perfect would be an understatement.

So, what wishes would he grant for Shreveport? For conversation purposes, let's imagine that I rowed up onto Bird Island on Cross Lake and found a mysterious cave. In that cave, I found a bottle which I naturally robbed, and out popped Will Smith's Genie insturcting me to make three wishes with Shreveport in mind.

Here's what I would wish for...

1. FREE TRASH SERVICES FOR ALL! Yes, Shreveport's proposed tax-plan for trash services has created quite the hubbub as of late, so let's use our first wish to do away with the drama, shall we?

2. WEATHER CONTROL DEVICE THAT ACTUALLY WORKS. No, I'm not turning on the Barksdale Bubble. I think our already in-place (and totally real) weather manipulation device is working just fine. I appreciate when major storms are diverted, as shown on radar, around our area. Although, I must say I'm not a fan of the bubble seemingly keeping all the snow out. But I would wish for something a little more focused on daily temps in our area. Come on, I'm tired of eskimo jackets one day and flip-flops the next!

3. RENOVATED AND REJUVENATED HAMEL'S THEME PARK. For years, I lived near the old Hamel's Park. For years, I told my girls all about how much fun I used to have there growing up. I truly do wish they could take a short drive down the road to enjoy that soothing log-ride and rowdy bumper-cars. I would totally waste my third wish on bringing Hame's back.

What about you? Comment your three wishes on our Facebook thread!

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