If your normal drive includes lots of rural roads, you are completely use to driving for miles with no street lights.

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However, when you are in town and there's only a smattering of lighting in a normally well-lit area, it is a little eerie.

Such it is this morning in the West Shreveport area around Pines Road at I-20. You know the ship has run aground when there are only a few lights illuminating the Walmart parking lot, and that is exactly how it is this morning. Even the Cracker Barrel is apparently running on generator back up only powering the most important aspects of the restaurant.

At this writing at 3:45 am on Monday, May 15, SWEPCO is reporting 3,368 customers without power at this time.  According to the SWEPCO Outage Map it appears the lion-share of those customers in the dark this morning is confined to an area that extends from about I-20 to Monkhouse Drive to just west of the Bert Kouns intersection with I-20 and south towards the intersection of Woolworth Road and Colquitt Road.


Though we have seen no official word from SWEPCO, one can only assume this outage must be an after product of the short-lived powerful storm that hit the Shreveport/Bossier area late Sunday afternoon.

To report an outage or any type of Safety Hazard in regards to downed power lines, SWEPCO asks you to CLICK HERE to file that report online.

SWEPCO reminds you that a safety hazard is a condition that poses an immediate risk to the public, and can include:

  • Downed wires that may be sparking or near water
  • Downed poles
  • Trees that have fallen on power lines

Never go near or touch a power line.

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