Anyone else starting to feel itchy right about now?

Bugs... Can't live with them and desperately want to live without them. However, they are all a part of the circle of life and I'm sure if we didn't have bugs crawling or buzzing around us, it would eventually mean that something all the more scary or annoying would be running rampant. Nonetheless, a bite from the wrong bug can mean injury, illness or even death. Lucky for you, we're not talking about the latter.

But there is a bug that can make you allergic to meat.

According to, the bug is the Lonestart Tick. You can correctly assume that this guy is prevalent in Texas, but you can also find this tiny tick across the United States. Although it is smaller than your pinkie nail, this tick can easily put an end to your love of grilling outdoors during this time of year.

Just one bite [...] can cause a severe allergy to meat, including beef, pork and, in some cases, poultry."

The website says the allergy is called "alpha-gal syndrome" due to the carbohydrate that causes the reaction. For a burger lover like me, this is devastating. I couldn't imagine experiencing an allergic reaction like nausea or rash from eating something that is a staple in my diet. Plus with springtime upon us, everyone is throwing meat on an open fire for dinner on a weekly basis.

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