Last year we met up with a couple friends just outside of Baton Rouge for a little river floating fun. It rained, it thundered, there was lightening---but those things paled in comparison to the unpleasant sight we encountered along the river. Why, why dear Lord, do people not get a hotel room? If you thought peeing in a public pool was bad. . .wait 'til you hear about this. There we are, floating down the muddy river in our big ole purple and gold rafts, cooler between us, waterproof camera in hand. Just four friends out for a nice summer time retreat. As soon as mother nature's fury unleashed we disobeyed the rules posted along the river that firmly instructed us to never get out of the water. Once the storm passed we reassembled our entourage and continued our southerly float, only to enter a bottle neck around the corner. About a half a mile prior to the official float exit there were two upstanding citizens (insert thick sarcasm here) who decided this public event was the perfect setting for procreation. They may have been brother and sister. Horrified, most people steered their tubes away from the classy couple, some floated dangerously close taunting them, some even shouted warning about getting urinary tract infections (I am sure these two have bigger communicable diseases to worry about).



Turns out this is an epidemic. You put a few not so classy folks near water with alcohol and they are gonna make babies, or at least practice. Take for instance the couple arrested in Florida a few days ago. Their venue of choice was right on the beach within view of a nearby restaurant, families and children. With at least 100 witnesses the couple engaged in a multitude of acts that are quite appalling to family vacationers. They both know own their felony public lewd acts stripes. The best part, he bonded out, but left her in jail. More on this story from Fox News.