I Am Ready to Have Some Sunshine After I Leave the Gym on a Weekday.

One of the things that really bums me out is when I leave the gym and it's already dark. I feel like it's just darkness outside. I get to work and it's dark and I leave the gym when it's dark, it really is one of the worst feelings ever.

In Case You Forgot, Daylight Saving Time Begins on Sunday at 2:00 A.M.

Here I was loathing the fact that sunsets were just too early, let's be real who even enjoys a 6:15 p.m. sunset? We are all about to see 7:30 p.m. sunsets come Sunday. Doesn't that make you feel chipper inside? I know that it makes me so happy however the whole losing an hour of sleep and not so much. How can we make sure that we aren't so groggy and grumpy on Monday morning?

OcusFocus, Thinkstock
OcusFocus, Thinkstock

Experts Have Some Ideas That Basically Tell Us to Parent Ourselves.

Basically, it comes down to slowing down our caffeine intake and making sure we put ourselves to bed at a decent time. Okay there are more tips than that here are some easy tips that will help us deal with the transition.

5 Things to help you survive during Daylight Saving Time

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