TSeason 14 Battle Rounds continued on The Voice March 26—a round that involves coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, and Alicia Keys, enlisting the help of celebrity mentors to ready their teams for battle—with two singers from each team going head to head. The winner of each battle moves on to the Knockouts round. The loser goes home, or can be stolen by another coach.

his evening was filled with plenty of country music, with not the least coming from Shelton's second battle of the evening. Nashville's Jordan Kirkdorffer from Nashville was paired off with Georgia's one-moniker Wilkes—an assignment they both seemed a little puzzled by but game to attempt.

The song they were to tackle was ”Nobody To Blame” by Chris Stapleton, a growly, somewhat rockin' tune that Shelton thought might be in Wilkes' "wheelhouse." Given that, Shelton cautioned Wilkes not to "get too comfortable with it."

As for Kirkdorffer, Shelton raved about his "new generation" feel. Indeed, even mentor Trace Adkins was stumped, saying, "Doesn’t seem to be a clear winner between those two."

When the pair took the stage, Clarkson raved giddily that they were both "so cute," to which Shelton retorted "This isn't The Dating Game." He got down to business, noting "You guys worked your butts off on this...you nailed it. So good! The energy you bring to the stage is incredible."

His ultimate decision? Wilkes. "He [sounds] rough round the edges, I want a chance to work with someone who has that sound," Shelton pronounced. Nobody stole Kirkdoffer, so unfortunately he was sent home.

We'll be keeping an eye on Season 14's doings every Monday and Tuesday, so be sure to check in each week.

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