It's no secret that we love seafood in Shreveport-Bossier. Crawfish season is celebrated around here as much as Mardi Gras season. There are multiple videos showing us how to peel and eat crawfish. I'm not going to lie I have sat there and watched these crawfish peeling videos. Before I moved to the south I had never eaten crawfish before. Seafood wasn't something I ordered regularly.

I used to love going to Horseshoe Casino's buffet for the crab legs, however, there is one thing that always made me insecure. My lack of cracking skills. I never knew where to start. I would be envious looking at other people that seemed to have it down, almost as if they went to school in crab leg cracking. Meanwhile, I was sitting there still working on my first crab leg for the past 10 minutes.

Something really cool happened to me last night as I was scrolling through TikTok, the crab leg-cracking messiah popped up on my for you page. This video has over 3 million shares and it's climbing. User @jenniferrara1 took to her TikTok to brag on her husband and his skills. He was quick to show us how to properly crack those crab legs so you and I get the most eat out of it. Now the man is using proper names for everything, however, all you need really is visual. Check it out below.


@jenniferrara1Professional leg opener ##crab ##foodhack ##witchcraft ##husband♬ original sound - Jennifer Ferrara

Is there another seafood hack we need to know about? Let us know.

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