My entire adult life I've never understood paying a lot for wine or other alcoholic drinks for something that didn't have that different of a taste. I'd rather pay more for my food and drink box wine than buy the expensive stuff. But now it looks like even our beloved cheap wine is about to see a price increase.

CNN reports that the International Organisation of Vine and Wine claim the 2017 harvest was down more than 1.7 Billion liters of wine from previous years. Since the cheaper wines are usually from the more recent harvests we can expect to see them impacted first. The impact is already seen on basic/cheap wine in Italy with a 74% increase and in Spain with an increase around 45%!

The decline is due to poor harvests in California, Africa and Europe from drought, wildfires and other bad weather conditions for grapes. Time to stock up on box wine and my personal favorite Two Buck Chuck!

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