There's a website called 'Only In Your State' that outlines things that you can find...umm...only in your state.

There's plenty to write about The Bayou State, but this article struck my fancy.

It's The 9 Weirdest Places You Can Go In Louisiana.

Here are a few highlights:
Touchstone Wildlife & Art Museum, Haughton

Known in the greater Shreveport area as a hidden gem, this museum offers over 1,000 mounts of large and small animals from around the world. Each one is neatly displayed behind glass enclosure and the whole museum takes hours to completely tour it.

Kenny Hill Sculpture Garden, Chauvin

100 concrete sculptures populate this narrow property in Chauvin. Kenny Hill began creating the sculptures by hand in 1990, portraying himself in many biblically referenced scenes. The garden has now been preserved for public visitations.

Large Rocking Chair, Ruston

This mysterious 12 foot tall rocking chair sat as a roadside attraction in a private yard before being purchased by local antiques store Junktiques this summer. Great photo op!

Marie Laveau’s Tomb

Recently restored, this tomb is a favorite for visitors and locals alike, as residents love to ask for favors or blessings of Marie Laveau when visiting her tomb.

To see the rest of the list, visit The 9 Weirdest Places You Can Go In Louisiana.

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