The Associated Press is reporting that the Ivy League has canceled all athletic competition for the fall. This would mean there will be no football played in the Ivy League in 2020.

Other reports have indicated that Winter Sports will also be impacted in the Ivy League, including Hockey and Basketball. Those Winter Sports would not be permitted to start until after January 1st at the earliest.

There is some confusion in the reporting however. Because the Fall Sports themselves have not be "canceled", but the playing of them in the fall has been. Meaning that there is a scenario where Football is played in the Ivy League next Spring.

A scenario for a postponed Basketball or Hockey season has not been rumored.

This action makes the Ivy League the first college athletic league to make a move on Fall Sports due to COVID-19. Back in the Spring, when the COVID cancellations first started crashing down, the Ivy League was the first conference to cancel their basketball tournaments. That decision was made on March 9th, days before the NBA moved to suspend their season.

Many sports reporters believe this move from the Ivy League will have the same domino effect their basketball decision had on other leagues. There are many onlookers now expecting other smaller conferences to make similar moves, with some even suggesting that if enough Division 2 and smaller schools suspend their Fall seasons, the Power 5 Football schools will be forced to do the same.

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