If you've been to New Orleans there's a very good chance you've either had a hand grenade drink or seen people drinking them. The Tropical Isle is the home of the grenade but do you know the history of the famous drink?

1984 the World's Fair was in New Orleans bringing people from all over the world and bringing with them new businesses and ways to make money off the countless number of visitors. Pam Fortner and Earl Bernhardt decided to start a daiquiri stand which later turned into a bar. After a year of the bar struggling they knew something needed to be done and that's when the idea for the grenade drink was born.

After months of experimenting with drinks they finally settled on the mix they use today and with the Jimmy Buffett style music the bar and the drink was a huge hit. Today you'll see grenade drinks all over Bourbon Street coming from their now 5 locations.

Warning the drinks are SUPER strong so make sure you pace yourself... Seriously!

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