Last week I had the pleasure of driving down to Stonewall and discovering the town for the first time. It is one of those picture perfect towns where you can imagine raising a family. A new plaza with a hair salon and doctor offices caught my attention. The folks at Down Home Meats were very proud to share how much they loved their town. If you've been around Stonewall long enough you probably met or heard of Curtis Lester McCune. McCune passed away June 28th 2017. Curtis McCune had a big dream for Stonewall, LA. McCune's father Curtis Sr. moved the family to Stonewall in 1941 and Curtis Jr. graduated from Stonewall High School and left for Louisiana College in 1952. Curtis Jr. met a woman who he made his wife in 1952, Nancy Montpelier. In 1972 McCune along with the help of several other men incorporated Stonewall that was merely a village. McCune became the first elected mayor of Stonewall in 1974. Folks who knew McCune said he had the brightest smile and always had a friendly hello when he saw you.

The family has asked in lieu of flowers, that donations be made to the Salem Baptist Church building fund where McCune served tirelessly for many years. Member's of the Stonewall community will miss the Pioneer of Stonewall and his contagious positivism.

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