Halloween is right around the corner, and it seems like pet owners are getting more into dressing up their animal friends every year.  Unfortunately for folks that like to dress up their yard-birds for All-Hallows Eve, the CDC has issued a warning about dressing up your chickens.

That's right, the government entity responsible for holding back the tide of fast-spreading and dangerous diseases wants you to hold off on dressing up your favorite Rhode Island Red as Iron Man due to the likelihood that you will contract Salmonella.  The very harmful bacteria lives on the bird itself, so touching it when you are trying to get the Elvis costume increases you r chances of getting sick.  The agency also advises chicken lovers not to "kiss your birds or snuggle them and then touch your face or mouth."

If you do come into contact with a live chicken, there's no need to freak out.  Just make sure you wash up thoroughly using clean, warm water and plenty of soap.

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