Those of us that are in committed relationships know that when you move into a house or apartment together there will be differences of opinions. In almost every occasion it is the woman that finds her point of view becomes the accepted point of view. Whether it's decorating, furniture position, and pictures on the wall. The prerogative goes to the lady.

While a man might actually have a small bit of input on the aforementioned struggles there is one battleground that is sacred ground to a female. That is the closet. She will commandeer every inch of closet space in the home or apartment to insure that her wardrobe is properly stored. Even if that means discarding several of your items without you being aware of it.

A recent survey found that one in seven women had thrown out articles of clothing that belonged to the man in their life. Many of them said it was because the article of clothing was not flattering to their fellow. After further questioning, about half of them admitted it also had something to do with space in the closet.

If you're into woman logic then it won't surprise you that the average female has 16 items of clothing that she will never wear again stored in her closet. She has 123 items that she could wear but she never has anything to wear. So she is tossing your stuff to start a museum I suppose.

Almost all of us, men and women, have thrown out a significant other's clothes in a fit of anger. Many women admit to actually destroying their mates clothes if the offense warrants such anger.

The bottom line is this, if you're a man you only need one suit and one nice shirt, and one pair of pants. You won't have room in any closet in your home for much more. If you do need more closet space. I guess that's why they make those metal storage buildings that go in the backyard.

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