Shreveport and Bossier had their fair share of national attention this year, almost exclusively for negative reasons. But did those national stories really matter locally?

Well of course they did. But did the stories that went national get as many local clicks as the national stories did? Though we can't monitor ALL online traffic, we can see our own. So we took a look at the amount of clicks news stories got on the KEEL website.

Oddly, some of the things you might expect to see on the list didn't make it. Things like the Shreveport Sports Complex, the Gas Tax, the Confederate Monument debate, the Aquarium, Water-Meter-Gate, along with many of the other large debates that were had this year.

Even though we thought about ranking the Top 500, we settled on the much more economical Top 7. So here they are, the Most Clicked stories from KEEL's site in 2017:

7. Paul Elio Erupts During Press Conference

Elio Motors
Elio Motors

Back in May, Paul Elio came to town to meet privately with Caddo Commissioners to give them an update on his plan to build a 3-wheeled car at the old GM plant. Some Commissioners declined to meet with him behind closed doors (he required each sign a confidentiality agreement).

Then Elio decided he was going to give a press conference on the progress, or lack of it, at the old GM plant. During the press conference, he got agitated and lashed out against the local media. He ultimately blamed the Elio failures on the Shreveport media.

6. Dog Dies After Being Attacked At Shreveport Dog Park

Shreveport Dog Park Alliance
Shreveport Dog Park Alliance

In less than a week after opening, tragedy hit the Shreveport Dog Park. Some said "this is so Shreveport" or something of that nature, but most people were frustrated at the idea that within a week, the Dog Park already had a black eye. There were no positives here.

5. Two Boys Scouts Killed After Tragedy In East Texas

Boy Scouts
Tom Pennington/Getty

This was one of the biggest tragedies of 2017. The third Boy Scout in the original story eventually lost his fight, bringing the total to 3 deaths. There were multiple ceremonies to honor the young men, and the family of one of the boys decided to donate his organs to other. The story echoed heartache all across the area.

4. Louisiana Senator Tells Dodie Horton To Shut the "F" Up

In June, state lawmakers were trying to wrap up work during the legislative session. House members were working feverishly to get the budget bill passed when some Senators gathered at the back of the chamber.

Haughton Rep Dodie Horton (who sits at the back of the room) couldn't hear the proceedings because of the Senators chatter. She turned and asked them to be quiet. That's when Senator Karen Carter Peterson told Horton to "shut the F up". Peterson did apologize to Horton.

3. Son of Restaurant Owner Critically Wounded During Robbery

Shock. Pure shock.

It's sad to frame it this way, but this was a shooting that was different than many of the others we saw in Shreveport in 2017...and that's not personal opinion. The evidence is the fact that this story was the third most clicked story on the KEEL site all year. Above all of the other stories of shootings.

Juan Zuniga is a highly respected young man in the Shreveport area, and when the story of how he was shot broke, it made everyone's heart drop even further. Juan was attempting to help his mother, in a parking lot, while she was being robbed.

The Shreveport community wrapped their arms around Juan's family, and his doctors were able to help Juan hang on.

Now the people who attempted to take the young man's life are under arrest. This is one of those stories that has multiple dimensions to it.

2. Children Swimming At The Dog Park Pond Removed

Haley Highsmith Facebook
Haley Highsmith- Facebook

Welcome back to the list Shreveport Dog Park!

Actually, the Dog Park has made multiple end-of-the-year lists for us. Stories that made people mad, confused, happy...all of the above. This is one of those stories that you couldn't believe, so you had to click to see if it was real. Then when you realized how real it was, you had to share it with others. Rinse and repeat.

1. The List Of 1,000 Prisoners Released In Louisiana


So is it sad that a lot of the clicks on this story likely came from Government officials in Louisiana? Because this list appeared to make it into our hands at KEEL before it made it to most District Attorney's offices around the state. No joke.

We heard from multiple officials if they could get the file from us, to which we would often point people to our site, where they could get it for themselves, for free.

But it wasn't just officials who wanted it, thousands of members of the public combed over the data for weeks...and actually are still checking it out daily. Again, we can see this data.

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