The past 12 months have seen a lot of fighting, arguing, and debating across social media in Shreveport and Bossier City. National politics, local elections, arrests, lawsuits, and everything in between.

We looked back on the stories that created those discussions, and have sorted them based on the different emotions that those discussions created. In this list, we’re looking over the stories that made us angry in 2018.

Our research is based on the amount of views these stories generated on our site, the conversations on our social media, website, text line, and phone lines.

These are the stories that got people talking, debating, arguing, or even just feigning outrage on the internet...these are the stories that made Shreveport/Bossier mad in 2018:

5 - Bossier Teacher Arrested for Rape

Originally, the charges against former Bossier Parish Teacher Aubrey Norcross were limited, as he was initially arrested on a charge of video voyeurism. But soon after his arrest became public, more victims came forward.

As new charges mounted, the anger started to rise. Most of the anger pointed at Norcross, but there was some shared in the direction of Bossier Parish Schools as well. Including lawsuits from the families of the victims.

4 - Mall St. Vincent Murders 

Sadly, this story took many turns, each one more gut wrenching.

Initially the news story started as the Shreveport Fire Department being called to a vehicle fire. Then the news that there were two people found inside the burning car. Soon word started to spread about a missing couple, and as the stories started to merge, it painted a gruesome picture.

Like many stories on this list, there was a wave of sadness that washed over our area, which soon turned into anger and rage.

Once the suspect, Dewayne Willie Watkins, was arrested we learned more about his criminal history. The further understanding of Watkins criminal history fanned the flames of anger throughout the community.

3 - Airman Killed in Bossier

A senseless act cost a 30-year-old Barksdale Airman his life, and likely cost two teens their freedom for the rest of theirs.

Joshua Kidd of Bossier City was found in the street, unresponsive, on the morning of Tuesday September 25th. Kidd was a Tech Sergeant in the Air Force, but more importantly Kidd was a husband, and a father of a beautiful baby boy.

The loss was felt throughout the community, first with sadness, but then with anger, as details of Kidd’s death became public. Investigators believe two teenagers are responsible for Kidd’s murder.

Authorities believe the teens were in the process of breaking into vehicles when Kidd approached them. They believe the teenagers then shot Kidd in the chest. Both teens have been arrested, and face life in prison.

2 - Brian Horn Overturned 

In September, the Louisiana Supreme Court overturned the 2014 conviction of murderer Brian Horn. A move that instantly reopened scars across our community.

The court ruled that because Horn didn’t agree with his defense’s strategy during the initial trial, his conviction needed to be overturned. They based their decision on precedent set in the US Supreme Court decision in the case of Robert McCoy, where McCoy had objected to his counsel’s decision to admit McCoy had killed two people.

As news of the court’s decision broke, many lashed out at Horn, the Louisiana Courts, the Supreme Court, and it was all pretty understandable. The community wasn’t exclusively angry as news circulated. Many shared sympathy for the victim’s family, who will be more affected by this than anyone.

1 - LSU vs Texas A&M 

OK, let me first say that I fully understand that with the heavy nature of the other 5 listings here, this seems very out of place. But based on the criteria we used to rank these stories, this story was by far the biggest in 2018.

This story had tens of thousands more pageviews online than any other story on the list. Additionally, the SEC offices had to reach out to KEEL to ask that phone numbers be removed because they were receiving too many calls.

The whole thing started after LSU’s insane 7 overtime loss to Texas A&M that included multiple questionable calls from the officials. While the game was being extended on calls from the officials, members of the national media began to point out some of the bad officiating, which fed into LSU fans’ anger. Which all boiled over as they were provided an outlet to share their anger...which happens to be the information contained within this story.

Was it an important story in the grand scheme of life? No. But did people get really upset at that moment...the proof is in the numbers.

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