This is probably one of the most adorable stories we've seen in awhile and it happened just down i20. Last year Deputy Constable, Mark Diebold, was working a normal shift as a Tarrant County Officer when he pulled over a speeding vehicle. After he learned it was a father driving his wife to the hospital to deliver his baby, Deputy Diebold jumped in his car to lead the way to the hospital. But they wouldn't make it there because the baby had other plans leading to the officer assisting in Evelyn Halls birth in a gas station parking lot just outside Dallas.

Deputy Diebold stayed in touch with the family becoming so close the kids refer to him as Uncle Mark. So for Evelyn's 1st Birthday they wanted to do something special to celebrate the unique way Evelyn came into this world. Deputy Diebold joined the young lady for her tea party which luckily there was a photographer there to capture the beautiful moment. Check out the video with pictures below!

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