4-year-old Tavaris Jones wants to grow up to be a superstar, and he's well on his way after stopping by 'Ellen' and dancing to "JuJu On That Beat."

A video of the young boy doing the 'TZ Anthem Challenge' by dancing to "JuJu On That Beat" has gone viral, and with millions of views and shares Tavaris quickly caught the attention of talk show host Ellen Degeneres.

Jones and his family were flown out to appear on the 'Ellen' show and we soon found out that he was just as charismatic as he was a good dancer. His mother said he got his dance moves from "watching YouTube."

Viral videos like the one that made Jones an internet star has helped "JuJu On That Beat" gain popularity as more and more people are hopping on the latest dance craze.

Tavaris told Ellen he wanted to be a "superstar" when he grows up, and with that kind of charm and energy, he can be anything he puts his mind to!

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[via EllenTube]

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