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Honey Boo Boo Child Gets Trashed [Video]
Ok, if you won't say it... I will! Honey Boo Boo is TRASHY! At least, an artist's portrait of the reality TV star is.  An fan of hers likes her so much that he's made a portrait of her out of 25 pounds of trash!  Fans like the ironic artist's rendering so much that they…
Kenny Chesney Says ‘No’ to Reality Television
Kenny Chesney, who’s already said ‘No’ to Twitter, has no desire to be a part of another pop culture craze. The singer recently dismissed any notion of associating himself with a reality television show or a singing competition a la Blake Shelton.
And on the 12th Day, God Created…
Gatorbillies. Yes. I just made up a word. Here's how it happened:
A friend in Ohio asked if I participated in the record breaking lotto. I gave him a resounding NO, and he asked why... and this is what I told him:
"There are too many production studios around here in my neck of the …

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