5 Things That Don't Mean Squat
There are probably more than five of these but these are the ones that I have had to deal with over the past couple of days. I am sure they frustrate you as much as they do me.
Take The Bacon Quiz
It turns out taking the quiz is a must for the bacon lover in all of us. You will find some healthy tips and learn a lot about my favorite breakfast food in the process..
Bucket List of a Terminally Ill Baby [VIDEO]
This is the story of a precious baby girl who is predicted to be alive and experiencing life with her amazing family for another 13 months. "Don't forget to share my story with everyone you know!  But make sure when you tell people about me, you tell them I'm not dying, I'm living...and they …
Birth Control Injection For Men – OUCH!
Vasalgel is a soon to be released birth control for men, it's being referred to as a "prevention serum"--the benefits could last up to 10 years! Good luck getting any man to sign up for this new "foolproof" birth control injection.