Dear Apple, What We Really Want Is...
Does the voice texting on the iPhone make you sound like Borat too? I need a phone that instantly kills all 4 of my extra chins and has a reliable maps. What features would you like to see on the new iPhones?
The ToneFone iPhone Case Will Make You Stronger
A British company just released a new iPhone case that weighs three pounds. The idea is that every time you pick up your phone, you're getting a little arm workout. So when you lift your phone to text, make a call, go online, or check email you’re burning some calories.
Crawfish Prices App
Craving some crawfish? Want to know the price of crawfish down in south Louisiana before you make the trip? Now there's an App for that. It's called "The Crawfish Guy".
The Crawfish Guy is an iPhone App and Web Based application that displays information on the availabilit…
More than meets the i
...NOW you can get them a Steve Jobs action figure!
Instead of the traditional GI Joe carrying the coolest weapons, the Steve Jobs action figure comes with an extra set of glasses and 2 apples. A Chinese toy company is going to start selling these babies just in time for Valentine's Day for $99.…

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