10 of the Best (and Oddest) Deep-Fried Foods
There are some foods that we, as human beings, collectively enjoy when deep fried in vats of cooking oil, like crispy chicken and French fries. A lot of these deep-fry choices make pretty good sense, while others are a bit more dubious, and push the bounds of what can actually be called “food.” Here…
10 Strange Ice Cream Flavors For Summer
When the weather gets warmer, and you head out into the sun, you’re bound to eat a whole lot of ice cream. Of course, you could choose from the traditional flavors, like vanilla, chocolate, pistachio and rocky road. But why not try something a little different?
Haughton McDonald’s “Out of Meat”
Hey gang, it's Gary.  My wife actually snapped this pic at the drive thru of the Haughton McDonald's yesterday evening.  Couple of questions arise.  What is 10:1?  I assume it's if they're out of "meat", what can you order?  F…

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